Food in Focus: Kentucky Hot Brown

Welcome to Food in Focus. We will post about different food from around the world, explaining what it is, where it comes from, where you can eat it and how to make it yourselves! This week we are exploring the United State of America and one of the most famous dishes from the state of Kentucky!

What is a Kentucky Hot Brown?

The Hot Brown is an open turkey sandwich, covered in a rich mornay sauce with bacon and tomato, perfect late night or early morning grub!

Check out our recipe for Hot Brown

Where does Kentucky Hot Brown come from?

It was created in Louisville, Kentucky, by Chef Fred Schmidt in the 1920’s at The Brown Hotel. He was keen to create a new late night meal for the hungry guests who had been partying in the hotel and were bored of ham and eggs.

With the rich sauce, he created a more ‘decadent’ dish which was adopted by the guests and has become a legend!

Where can I eat the best Kentucky Hot Brown?

You can find hot Browns all over Kentucky, if you want the real deal however then the only place to go is The Brown Hotel, located 335 West Broadway, Louisville.

How can I make a great Kentucky Hot Brown?

Take a look at our recipe page and you will find a great recipe for a classic Hot Brown alongside food from the rest of the world. Enjoy!

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