Recipe: Tarka Dhal

Tarka dhal is perhaps the most well known of Indian dhals, and this recipe is a quick and easy introduction to help you start experimenting with your own dhals. Serve with simple breads such as naan, roti and chapatti or alongside a curry.

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Jambalaya is one of the most iconic dishes of Louisiana and is classic Cajun cooking. Using a traditional base of celery, onion & pepper, this rice based dish is the perfect one pot dish for friends and family!


Recipe: Kentucky Hot Brown

Ever experienced a Hot Brown? The Hot Brown was created in the 1920’s at The Brown Hotel, Louisville, to provide some late night food to the revelling guests who wanted more than just ham and eggs. Chef Fred Schmidt put together and open turkey sandwich with a rich moray sauce which has become a culinary icon of Kentucky!

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Recipe: Chicken & Shrimp Creole Gumbo

Nothing gives the taste of Louisiana like a good hearty gumbo! Whether Cajun or Creole, each family will have their own recipe that they stick to. Here we are using the traditional thickener of okra, alongside tomatoes which make this version more Creole than Cajun. To find out where to travel to find the best gumbo, check out our blog post, ‘Food in Focus: Gumbo’. Happy travels!

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